Student Handbook/Code of Conduct
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2015-2016 Student Handbook/Code of Conduct:

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Hardin Middle School

St. Charles High School

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Objective Code of Conduct

The objective of this code is to establish rules with regard to the conduct of all students in the School District of the City of St. Charles. These rules have been deemed appropriate and necessary for the maintenance of a wholesome school climate. As such, this Code of Conduct should be reviewed by students and their parents.

These rules and standards apply to student conduct:

1. On school premises
2. On school buses
3. Involving school property
4. Off school premises which directly affects the school
5. At school functions of any kind.

This code does not define all types and aspects of students' behavior. The Board of Education has the authority to set forth policies, rules and regulations to help each student conduct himself in a proper manner as a good citizen of the school community. (167.161-.171 RSMo, 1980.)

When possible, this Code of Student Conduct should be introduced to elementary students prior to their enrollment in middle school. As such, it should be an extension of the district's elementary Parent/Student Handbook reflecting the increased maturity and responsibility of middle school students and high school students.

For the purposes of this code, the term principal refers to the principal, or assistant principal of any building in the school district, or the director of the Lewis and Clark Career Center.