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BSM1Brick and Stone Masonry

Would you like to…

  • Install bricks on houses

  • Build a fireplace

  • Lay a concrete foundation out of concrete block

  • Build a brick mailbox

These jobs are available

  • Bricklayer apprentice

  • Mason tender or laborer

  • Superintendent

  • Masonry inspector

  • Masonry estimator

BSM2Course Description

This program is designed to prepare students for apprenticeship or entry-level jobs in masonry construction.  Students will learn to lay brick and block in various bond patterns used in commercial and residential construction.  The course will include construction techniques for building fireplaces, and chimneys, arches, special wall openings, double wythe and reinforced masonry, wall anchoring systems, flashing and prevention of water penetration, and masonry paving.  Students will also gain a knowledge of various types of stone construction and tuckpointing.

Students must be able to work at heights on scaffolds, lift and handle heavy materials, work in group situations as a team member, follow instructions, and accomplish all task in an accurate and safe manner.

Units of Study

  • Safety practices and procedures

  • Tools and equipment used in masonry construction

  • Properties, sizes and uses of clay and concrete masonry units

  • Experience in laying brick, block and stone in various bond patterns

  • Reinforced masonry walls

  • Masonry veneer construction BSM3

  • Layout and construction of fireplace and chimneys

  • Mathematics for masonry and measuring systems

  • Blueprint reading and construction plans

Program: Two Year
Level: Junior and/or Senior/Post Secondary
Credit: 3 Units Per Year


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